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We deliver your success.

We are on a mission to exceed shopper expectations in floral. Who we are?

We are Intergreen USA, using data analysis to create the best offers for your customers year round. Our experienced design team knows exactly how to translate these insights into advanced New Product Design with a mix of USA and European style. One single supplier with serious intents, able to supply a wide range of flowers, from consumer bunches and mixed bouquets to floral specialties.

Intergreen USA is part of the Dutch Flower Group. Working together with DFG mass market division, we have access to many growers worldwide. We team up with the best of them to ensure a top class quality range with the best price for every shopper. Our colleagues in Colombia, Ecuador, Africa and Holland secure correct ordering protocols. They manage quality checks and effective post harvest procedures at our partner growers. Together with Capiro Farms we have accomplished to grow Dutch style chrysanthemums in Colombia, resulting in the best quality product for the USA mass market.

Our flowers are freighted by both air and sea in a closed and controlled cold chain to guarantee quality, freshness and good value! Freight, handling and cold chain protocols are defined, executed and optimized continuously, making us best in class for quality and specification management.

It is not only our experienced team, it's also our innovative approach: sea freighted flowers, the use of a 3D-design tool to create bouquets, using an app to gather store info or hosting a display creator tool, it's all part of our daily business.

Join us in our mission to exceed shopper expectations in floral! We deliver your success!

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