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Competent, Reliable, Innovative

We’ve developed a reputation for competence, this is founded on a commitment to developing our colleagues so they can achieve the knowledge and experience necessary to exceed our customers’ needs. We are a people business, our success grows from them. More information »

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We deliver your success!

As your partner we are dedicated to let your business grow ahead of the market. Therefore we are continuously looking to improve the quality of your products, lower your waste and create an optimal supply chain to help you be more profitable! More information »


Partners in success

We focus on shopper needs, our bouquet and plant designs are based on these needs. But the story doesn’t end here. No, it’s just starting. More information »

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Sea Freight from Colombia

We are experts when it comes to transporting flowers via sea freight. Learn more about this process and why this could help your business florish. More information »

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Data Driven

The use of data is embedded in our way of working. We base our decisions on quantitative and qualitative data research, accompanied by our experience and intuition. Because of this we are able to find the best solutions for you. More information »


Dutch Flower Group

IntergreenUSA is family member of Dutch Flower Group, a unique family of 30 specialized trading companies who, together, serve the entire floral chain. More information »

Your success is our success.

We provide value to our products together with our partners. We can achieve this by our way of concept development, sourcing, assembling and logistics in combination with innovation, expertise and quality which are the main goals. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with highly recommended products for a good price. Because your success, is our success!

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